The quarantine has given us, students, much time to rest, binge-watch, and practically not do anything. After such long periods, we may be looking for ways to be productive because after all, society prizes productivity.

Here are five ways you can be productive during quarantine that can bring long-lasting effects and impactful changes to your life:

  1. Find Yourself – Like how traveling offers people a chance to rediscover themselves, quarantine also provides an opportunity for rediscovery. Now is a good time to ask the questions:
  2. Are there issues that I have left unresolved due to how busy I was before quarantine?
  3. Should I take this opportunity to take a turn for the better?
  4. Are there things I wanted to do before quarantine but could not find the time to?

Mindfulness and meditation are also good habits to build in line with acknowledging how you feel and letting the emotions pass. To start, a beginner can meditate for 5 minutes a day;

  1. Try Something New – Today’s world offers so many learning platforms to choose from: YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, and more. Come out of this pandemic with more skills to face the world than before—like a summer class spent indoors.

The arts are incredibly varied. You may find your medium of expression in one of its many branches. Below are some accessible branches with some examples:

  • Visual
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Photography

Recommended platforms: StackSocial, Udemy, and YouTube

  • Literature
    • Fiction
    • Script-writing
    • Essay-writing
    • Poetry

Recommended platform: Coursera

  • Music
    • Production
    • Singing
    • Instrument usage

Recommended platforms: StackSocial, Youtube, and Coursera

  • Dance
    • Contemporary
    • Hip-hop
    • Ballroom

Recommended platform: YouTube;

  1. Find Your Medium of Expression – This is very important to me because I believe that art is a beautiful way to remedy any ailments you find within yourself by yourself. Every person has their own psychological threshold and their own triggers. Some of us may feel completely sane all the time while others may feel that they are oftentimes a stone’s throw away from the brink of insanity. No matter how one handles and views the world, we all feel. And feelings, especially negative feelings, tend to anchor within us and grow into something stronger—disdain, hatred, insecurity. A medium of expression is a way to capture those emotions so we might find a way to let them go.

Many resources from global news outlets are saying that the next crisis will be a mental health pandemic. However, for most of us, it has always been there, sedated by the amount of working and socializing we used to do. This crisis has given us the time to face our issues so we can live more at peace in the future.

Note, however, that I’m not saying this is a cure-all. If you are experiencing alarming behaviors and thoughts, please consult a psychological professional;

  1. Find a way to create content that may make income – Hobbies do not have to remain as things we do for fun.
    1. Hobbies can make income – As someone who has joined a number of national and international competitions & mathematics and has experienced teaching and training others, I offer online tutoring. Starting out small is expected, but I was able to make an income. The income I generated, I plan to redirect towards my other hobbies.
    2. Share your hobbies and inspire others – Sharing your hobbies can motivate you to keep pursuing them. I play the guitar. It started with just creating my own fingerstyle guitar arrangements last year then people around me liked the style or found the arrangements calming so I decided to start a YouTube channel (Gwyn Tangog) to share my outputs. It also inspires me to keep practicing and growing as a musician.
  1. Learn more about your own religion – If you are like me, you were born and raised in a household with a religion bestowed upon you at an age where you could not yet understand it. Children do not stay children forever, and as citizens of the world, we should take responsibility to understand and interpret the faiths we follow. On the news, controversy blooms within the frictions of faiths and progressive ideas such as that of Christianity and the LGBTQ+ community. However, religion is supposed to help us find enlightenment—internal tranquility—so we may live well and find peace within ourselves and amongst others. I entreat you, investigate what you believe in so instead of bringing harm through false interpretations, you may be a good example of the faith you follow.

Amidst these trying and novel times, let us not forget to practice self-care physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And remember, have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. The best things are those that come naturally.


Gwyn Tangog is an incoming International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP. She has represented the Philippines in math competitions in China, Vietnam, and Singapore, to name a few, and she is the first Filipino to pass the Suken Pre-first Kyu (Grade 12) Japanese certification exam. This summer, she is offering online tutorials for mathematics. For more details, please contact her through e-mail: [email protected] or FB/Messenger: Gwyn Tangog.

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