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6 Ways to Capitalize on Your Own Learning or Work Style: Thriving in Pandemic Learning
Henry S. Tenedero

Like fingerprints, no two individuals are exactly the same or possess the same learning or work style. We prefer to use sensory modalities when we process information and demonstrate a distinct ability for remembering complex information better than hearing, seeing or experiencing or mastering it…

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8 Tips to Creatively Market Your School in the Time of Pandemic
Henry S. Tenedero

Education this coming school year 2020-2021 gets more challenging and exciting with the Department of Education’s pronouncement that there will be no face to face classroom learning until a vaccine is found. With that, let’s talk about school marketing. As a brief backgrounder, I was…

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What Parents Need To Know About Learning
Henry S. Tenedero

Learning during this COVID-19 pandemic period will surely be challenging and exciting at the same time. Whatever kind of platforms or methods of learning delivery the schools in both public and private institutions may adopt this coming school year, the unique roles of parents cannot…

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Learners Getting Ready for the New Normal
Kim Ramos

From face to face interaction to face to face online; from written assignments to emails; from blackboard to PowerPoint presentation; from classroom to digital space; these are the new normal in education the Philippines is dealing with as long as the vaccine for COVID-19 is…

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Breakthrough Education in the New Normal
Henry S. Tenedero

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic crisis will survive in our global memory as the most enduring symbols of the 21st century. Walls of every kind are being toppled all around us, all around the globe: walls of prejudice, walls of social classes, walls of…

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The Omni-Modal Learning Model
The Omni-Modal Learning Model avatar

Dr Carl Balita has created the OMNI-Modal Learning Experience Model to help teachers prepare for the disruptions brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution in the VUCA World, and currently being accelerated by the CoViD19 Pandemic. OMNI-Modal Learning Experience Model is anchored on various well-established…

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