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Is COVID-19 Sexually Transmitted?
Desiree F. Manlapaz-Gonzales

It has been confirmed that COVID-19 has the characteristic of human-to-human transmission mainly through respiratory droplets and contact. Other routes require further verification. The virus responsible for it, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has been detected in stool, gastrointestinal tract, saliva, and urine…

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PPE: Fashion vs. Protection
Desiree F. Manlapaz-Gonzales

“You can’t have the best of both worlds” It may sound cliché but let me apply it to the arguments regarding the use of Personal Protective Equipment or PPEs in the situation we are into right now—the pandemic. If one wants 100% protection, it would…

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Pregnancy and COVID-19
Desiree F. Manlapaz-Gonzales

“I am afraid to get pregnant at this time of the pandemic.” This is the common concern raised by all my infertility patients which is a valid argument. We are all afraid, and everyone is at risk including an unborn child but it is important…

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