Dr. Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC) is the leading review center in the country. With more than 118 branches here and abroad, CBRC offers review programs that catered to students of education, nursing, criminology, civil service, midwifery, social work, and psychology among others. When lockdown began, the first thing Dr. Carl Balita, President/CEO, thought of was how to serve the students even further especially when board exams were cancelled days before their set schedule. A pioneer in e-learning, CBRC took the review programs on social media and offered free lessons in its Facebook page and You Tube channel to keep the students’ mind busy while on lockdown. To further enhance the student’s learning, CBRC expanded to Digital Review Exclusives (DReX) which is more extensive than the free sessions. 

CBRC also launched different review references. Some are updated versions of their best-selling review materials while others are new releases. What’s even better is they are now available on e-books so that students can review anywhere and learn any time.

CBRC didn’t stop there! Aside from review sessions, performances from different artists, art workshops, Zumba lessons, cooking sessions, workout tips, short film screenings, and others can also be seen from their page to provide entertainment. It goes both ways. It serves the audience and keeps the artists’ creative juices flowing.

CBRC is conducting and leading webinars, too, with different topics ranging from nursing, business, science, and many others.

CBRC is truly more than a review center! It is committed to pursuing its passion of reaching the dreamers to reach their dreams.

Check their Carl E. Balita Facebook page and website for review schedule and updates.

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