Dr Carl Balita has created the OMNI-Modal Learning Experience Model to help teachers prepare for the disruptions brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution in the VUCA World, and currently being accelerated by the CoViD19 Pandemic.

OMNI-Modal Learning Experience Model is anchored on various well-established theories and backed up by practical action strategies to ENABLE the Teachers in OPTIMIZING the available and open digital resources and technology. It acknowledges the local realities and limitations, as well as the TEACHERS learning needs, in designing a Omni-Model Model Training and Mentorship program.

The OMNI-Modal Learning Experience Model is aligned with OBE and Competency-based contexts of Modern Education. It has high premium on Digital Intelligence in a Connectivist Learning Community.

The first offering is for EDUCATION LEADERS and eventually for TEACHERS in all levels. Education Leaders Exclusive WEBINAR Session will be on April 28, 10am and another session on May 1, 10am. Interested TEACHERS may already enlist with any of the 120 CBRC Branch nearest you. The TRANING is free. Mentorship, Assessment and Certification by is subject to minimal fees

. This program by Dr Carl Balita Review Center in cooperation with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry through the PCCI-Human Resources Development Foundation.

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